His Valentine’s Gift: Her Car on Fire

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(Memphis)  You've probably heard the saying, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

But how about a man scorned?

Police say a Memphis man, JC Williams, set a woman's car on fire when she didn't get him a Valentine!

It was an hour and a half into the holiday when he torched her car because she didn't call or give him anything for Valentine`s Day.

Some might find it humorous, but for Janice Johnson, it’s not exactly what she had in mind for the lover's holiday.

Williams, Janice's short-term boyfriend, decided he had waited too long for a Valentine's Day gift.

Her sister, Natasha, says she was  there, “We were so scared because the car was so close to the house."

According to court documents, Williams called his "flame" and told her he was going to shoot and kill her because on top of no gift, she didn't even call.

“He was like ‘you are going to have to move out of the city tonight’”, said the victim.  “I am like 'whatever JC' and hung up the phone.”

Authorities say Williams went to Janice's house, doused her two day old car with gasoline then lit a match.

“He probably knew this was important to her,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah, he knew this was going to get to her,” said Natasha.

Afterwards it only took investigators minutes to find Williams at his house with a five gallon gas can in his car, and a book of matches on his front seat.

Evidence that gives Janice the ultimate Valentine's Day gift: her ex-boyfriend in jail.