Mysterious Robocall in Shelby County

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(Memphis)  If you live in Shelby County, you may have gotten a robocall that asks you who you would vote for Shelby County mayor, even though the election is still more than a year and a half away.

And If the election were tomorrow, for whom would you vote: Mayor Elect Mark Luterall or Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone or Steven Mulroy? How about State Senator Jim Kyle?

These are the names and the question being tossed around in the robocall.

“Just asking them point blank who would you vote for,” said Van Turner, the chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party.

Turner said he has no clue who paid for the polling data, but he says it’s probably a potential candidate who wants to know where they stand, “They will use that polling data to decide whether they will run in the race or not.”

But News Channel 3 contacted every candidate mentioned in the call and none of them took credit for the call.

All said they were surprised to hear about the robocall.

Senator Kyle said he's not even sure he'd really consider running for Shelby County mayor.

Obviously, someone out there wants to know.

They may not like the answer.

“Who would you be voting for?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“None of the above,” said Memphis Resident and Small Business Owner Russell Carter.

“Why is that?”

“When they get on TV, they run their mouth,” said Carter.  “They do a lot of talking but there is not a lot of action behind it.”

The next election for Shelby County mayor isn’t until August 2014 so there's still time for voters to change their mind and for potential candidates to find out if it's worth the run.

“There is really no need in getting involved in something like running for mayor unless you have some solid information to go on,” said Turner.

Potential candidates have until the end of the year to file for that race.