Henco Furniture Closing

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(Selmer, TN) After 17 years, one of the Mid-South's best known furniture stores is closing its doors.

Tom Hendrix started Selmer based Henco Furniture when he was 65, “I wanted it to be something that when a family came here, it was an enjoyable experience and for them to benefit and go back and tell their neighbors about it.”

Hendrix accomplished his mission with customers coming from six states to shop in the furniture store designed to look like a small town, complete with a cafe.

The tag line, "It's worth the drive" soon became well-known via radio and television ads.

Hendrix said closing the store has been one of the hardest decisions of his life because of the effect on his employees and the town, “Rotary meets here, churches meet here. It’s a hub of the community.”

The closure is a combination of family members not wanting to take the business over and an economy that has seen sales slashed in half, partly due to gas prices.

Hendrix told me the climate for businesses has gotten tougher and tougher and he only sees it getting worse in the future,  "It really does dampen you're enthusiasm to put up with taxation and regulation to build a business.”

Hendrix plans to take some time off once the store closes, “From 80-90 I want to be some of my best years. I want to write a book and to get it written, published and promoted."

The store is set to close once its inventory has been exhausted.