Grand Junction Acting Police Chief’s Powers Revoked

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(Grand Junction, TN) Criminals are getting a free pass after breaking the law, thanks to a political dispute.

Acting Grand Junction, TN Police Chief Justin Powers has video of a man admitting to driving on a suspended license and having a crack pipe, but a Fayette County judge released the suspect on his own recognizance.

A spokesperson for Judge Mike Whitaker did not want to go on camera Monday, but told News Channel 3, the judge released the suspect because he knew District Attorney Mike Dunavant was not prosecuting charges filed by Powers.

In a letter from the Grand Junction City Attorney, the city attorney advises not only will District Attorney Mike Dunavant not prosecute cases by Powers, but the courts can't file warrants and the jail can't keep any prisoners Powers arrests.

The District Attorney was not available for comment Monday on why he is not prosecuting the cases.

Powers hopes his authority is reinstated soon.

“You got an individual breaking the law bluntly and the law is not allowed to protect citizens from individuals like this,” said Powers.