More Help For Musician Who Lost Everything In Fire

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(Memphis) A Memphis musician who recently lost everything in a fire says he now feels "blessed."

Ever since we told you about Nate Whitlock, the community hasn't stopped stepping-up to help him.

He might be playing the blues but most of his sad days are behind him.

“I came out of that fire and brimstone and smoke and ashes like the phoenix,” he said.

But things didn't look so "up” two weeks ago when a fire burned down his place on Broad Ave.

That night, we interviewed him on News Channel 3.

“It burned up my guitars, my amplifiers, all my stage clothes,” he said wiping tears. “Everything. Everything I ever worked for.”

His story and sadness touched many.

“Guy lost his guitar,” said Mark Daniels.  “It`s like losing the love of your life.”

First, Daniels, a musician, gave Nate a guitar.

“It’s as good as it gets. It`s like Chuck Berry`s guitar,” said Whitlock.

Then, he says a man named Ed Dickenson offered him a place to live.

“This is like a mansion on a hill to me, like Graceland.”

That act of kindness, led to another.

“Deb Wade`s Estate Sales helped me furnish the place,” he said.

Then, three East Memphis bars held a clothing drive, helping put a shirt on his back and shoes on his feet.

“Got me some Harley Davidson boots,” he said.

Then, Blues City Café gave Whitlock an amplifier, allowing him to share his music with all the people who helped him along the way.

“I want people to know, you got to keep your head up,” said Whitlock.  “Just knock the dust off your pants and keep on stepping, that`s the best thing.”

“Keep on playing?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Keep on playing,” said Whitlock.