Memphis School Locked Down After Stabbing & Shots Fired Nearby

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(Memphis) Chaos Thursday morning outside Sherwood Elementary School.

There was a stabbing and shooting right as parents dropped-off their children for class.

No one was seriously hurt but plenty of parents were worried.

When parents found out there was a shooting, dozens of them ran over to the campus hoping to get their kids out of class.

"I'm not sure what's going on, said Renika Parks.  "I just want my baby out the school."

After about a half hour, parents were allowed to line-up behind the school to pick-up their children but panic ensued.

"They were doing the proper procedures but we had to wait in line which was really crazy because they were telling us to go this way, go that way," said Mother Sharon Bennett.  "And there were some angry parents because we are concerned about our kids."

Parents say this situation was even scarier for the kids, who just learned about Sandy Hook and what they should do if a gunman ever came onto campus.

"We learned how to hide and be safe and be prepared when we have a lockdown at school," said Third Grader James Bennett.

"And what did you have to do today?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"We had to hide in our classrooms and lock our doors."

Police say a mother dropping off her child and her ex-boyfriend got into a fight outside of the school.

That's when she stabbed him and then he shot a gun.

Then a passenger in the mothers' car shot back.

Police say no one's been charged yet but they know all the people involved in the chaos.