Teenager Raped Two Months Ago, Police Wait to Warn Residents

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(Cordova, TN)  Police are searching for a man after a 19-year-old girl says she was forced into a car and sexually assaulted.

The incident happened somewhere near Dexter and Germantown Parkway, and back in December.  But police are just sharing the news now.

"Why did you wait so long?" asked one woman when we told her the news.

Residents wanted to know more specifics on where near the busy intersection should they be concerned.

They also couldn't believe police would wait nearly two months to tell them the rapist was still out there.

Officers cited the sensitive nature of sexual assault cases, and said coming up with an artist sketch of the rapist takes some time.

Still residents say they're on guard, and being alert, but more information on the incident would make it easier to protect themselves.

Officers did say the rapist drove the 19-year old to a separate location where she was raped. Officers would only say it was at a nearby location.