Report: Teen Accuses Officer Of Sexual Advances

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 has learned a Memphis police officer is under investigation for a sex crime.

MPD won't tell us what he's accused of, but we looked into Officer Brandon Berry's file and found-out he has been accused of acting sexually inappropriate on the job before.

Teenager Ryan Milligan says being hit-on by a man is one thing, but being sexually harassed by a police officer is another, “He had looked down at my private parts and my head was like 'what`s wrong with you, man?'

Ryan says it happened August 15th, after he walked his younger sister to Airways Middle School.

He says officer Berry, working as a crossing guard, got into his patrol car and followed him.

He told us Berry called him over and started saying, and doing, some strange stuff.

“All sexual-like,” said Milligan.  “Getting all rough with the steering wheel.”

“Licking his lips?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yeah!” he said.

“What was he saying when he was grabbing the steering wheel and licking his lips like that?” asked Hall.

“He was just like ‘how do you get big?’ ‘What do you do?’ ‘Do you want to make some money?’,” said Milligan.

“Asking if your girlfriend compliments you on your genitals?” asked Hall.

“Yeah! I was like ‘this man is crazy!” said Milligan.

We found Ryan's official complaint in Officer Berry's file at MPD’s internal affairs bureau.

Ryan reported that Berry made sexual advances towards him three times as he walked home from the middle school, asking him things like "how he was able to get his genitals to grow large."

After an internal affairs investigation, where Officer Berry denied the allegations, investigators decided the officer's conduct "could not be proved or disproved due to lack of an independent witness, video or corroborating evidence."

So, the case against Officer Berry was dropped, and Ryan says he still had to see him several times a week as he worked as a crossing guard at Airways Middle School, “He just looked at me and I looked at him and I kept walking.”

Ryan says he eventually stopped seeing Officer Berry out there around Christmas time.

Just last week, the police department relieved Berry of duty.

Sources tell us it’s because Berry has been accused of sexual assault.

We went by the officer's house to get his side of the story and also visited his family's home in South Memphis, but they wouldn't answer the door.

Ryan says the whole situation has left him distrustful of police, “They think they can do stuff but really they can't. They are just getting away with it because they have a police badge.”

Now MPD is deciding if Berry should have his badge taken away.