Neighbors Fear Alleged Ongoing Family Feud

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(Memphis) A Man is in jail, charged with attempted second degree murder after police say he nearly missed shooting and killing a baby.

According to police, Kevin Boyd fired off a semi-automatic rifle at a car from a nearby backyard.

Inside the car was a couple and their one year old son.

The family managed to drive off unharmed, but their tires were flattened.

The police report says the family and Boyd did not know each other.

But neighbors say this is the latest shooting in a Hatfield and McCoys type showdown in the Douglas neighborhood.

“Lives are in danger, starting with babies and older people,” said a neighbor who feared being identified.

The neighbor says the ongoing feud between two families terrorized the whole neighborhood for two years, “It`s frightening now, because there are just no answers."

She says neighbors have held community meetings to see how they can tackle the problem.

They've even talked about asking both families to move out of the neighborhood.

News Channel 3 caught up with one of those families.

They live in the same house from where police say Kevin Boyd fired a semi-automatic rifle last Tuesday.

“Enough is enough, they want their community, they can have it,” said Charlotte Bailey.

Bailey said her family is moving out, the feud is out of control.

She says last week their home was riddled with bullets in the middle of the night, “I had my niece, my nephew who is 5 years old, I had a grand baby he needs to take food through a tube. We laid won the couch and bullets were flying all through the living room, you can see it."

Police marked out where more than 40 bullets pierced through the house.

“Nobody can tell you what the feud is about. All you know is bullets continue to fly,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors hope the crossfire ends soon so they can live in peace.

Police haven’t said how many shootings they have on record for the neighborhood.