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DeSoto To Upgrade School Security

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(Southaven, MS) Renecia Jackson, helps her nieces and nephews with their school work whenever she can.

But one thing she can’t help with, is making them more secure in the classroom ”It’s kinda fear for me because I don’t want my kids or my nieces and nephews to have someone else come and get them, you know they’re not even related”.

The Sandy Hook school shooting has security on everyone’s mind, which is why DeSoto School Board Members are taking action to make improvements.

”We’re trying to educate, not incarcerate said Security Director John Caldwell who adds it will begin with new locks ”…which is something we do typically from school to school but because of the attention it’s been getting the entire district is getting re-keyed”.

Caldwell says upgrades will keep outsiders out, while allowing free access to students and teachers.

One thing the district wants to do is put cameras on main entrances so someone inside can see and talk to someone before buzzing them in.

It comes as Mississippi’s House Education Committee approved a bill to allow districts to let employees carry weapons.

DeSoto’s not ready to do that, but leaders believe better eyes and ears will improve security ”It’s another means of control and each time we fine an opportunity to improve the schools, we’ll take that”.

Caldwell says it comes down to just one bottom line ”Somebody that has no business at the school will not be welcome at the school”.

Parents love the idea ”Security is A plus. Upgrade it, upgrade it all the way. We spend tax dollars on everything else, spend it on our schools”.