Cordova Couple Says City Drain Causes Repeated Flooding

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(Cordova, TN) A problematic drain in a Cordova neighborhood has caused repeated flooding and thousands of dollars in damage to one house.

Anthony and Robyn Henry have dealt with three incidents of flooding in the last five years. Each time, they said water would somehow shoot out of the city’s drain like a geyser and flow into their home.

“I've physically seen it shoot up you know, 7 or 8 feet high, a spray 5 or 6 feet around, run up to my house. It happens in a matter of 10 minutes,” Anthony Henry said.

It’s ruined his dining room floor twice. During the most recent incident, after last week’s storm, their German Shepherd was nearly trapped in a garage of rising water.

“Our dog was in there, just about swimming,” he said.

Henry has now spent more than $4,000 in repairs. He said they have called the city of Memphis public works department.

“I've contacted the city, nobody's returned my call. It's been going on a whole week now.”

News Channel 3 contacted public works Tuesday afternoon. Within half an hour, Henry got a phone call.

He was told the city’s claims department was busy with complaints after the storm last week. They told him they would send him paperwork so they could investigate.

The department of public works did not call News Channel 3 back before the 10pm newscast.

Henry said he just wants the matter resolved, so he won’t wake up to a house full of water again.