Two Dead, Eight Injured in Weekend Gun Violence

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(Memphis) – A violent weekend is just more evidence for Memphis Mayor A C Wharton that something must be done to crack down on gun crimes.

“It’s like Chicago,” said Walter Sledge, referring to all the shootings. “The only thing we can do is get the guns off the streets.”

Two are dead and eight injured in three Memphis shootings over a 24-hour period this weekend.

“That’s too much,” said Sledge. “Every week there’s a lot of killing.”

Sledge knew one of the two people killed early Sunday morning at a home in the Raleigh-Frayser area when witnesses say a dice game turned violent. Two others were shot when the gun battle erupted around 1:00 in the morning.

“It’s just getting worse and worse every year,” Sledge said.

Wharton is part of a national mayors group that put out a Super Bowl ad hoping to get traction for background checks on all gun purchases, “We’re going to focus on violence with a laser focus on guns.”

Wharton says illegal guns have to go. He believes it makes it too easy for violence to be lethal, “We’ll always have stabbings and hammers and rocks and whatever, but let’s face it, the easy access to guns by the wrong people, under the wrong circumstances is our greatest challenge.”

But even with new laws and super bowl ads, Sledge doesn’t see the gun problem going away anytime soon, “It’s going to be a tough job getting them off the street.”

Police arrested two people in connection with the Raleigh-Frasier shooting. Jackie Spears is charged with First Degree Murder while Kelcie Stewart is charged with Attempted First Degree Murder.