Richard Ransom Takes On The CrossFit Craze

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(Memphis) CrossFit is the newest fitness craze but it's not one to be taken lightly.

One of the first things Richard Ransom learned at CrossFit Chickasaw is the workouts are in boxes, not gyms.

If you looked around the space you'd see the approach is totally different with no mirrors, no weights.

Michelle Kinney, part owner, gave up her job as a financial adviser to kick butt.

Each crossfit offers several one hour sessions during the day.

The camaraderie with your fellow 'victims' seems to be what keeps people coming back.

'You start out with a warm up, then something called skill work.

There's a whole new lingo with crossfit.

It's not just running and sit-ups, but also things like kickers, pistols, the Frankenstein walk and something no one seems to like, burpees.

Your coach is there to help show you the right form.

While many are praising crossfit and getting great results, New York fitness expert Jeff Halevy, whose program to fight child obesity may be expanding to Memphis soon, told us fears crossfit can be dangerous because it uses soreness as a sales tactic.

"For someone who's been sedentary or even the average gym goer, it's just a little too intense. A lot of the movements are a tad too complex and there's a great chance for injury associated with many of these movements."

Crossfit makes no apologies.

The people taking part are proud of it's culture, because it changes lives

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