Janis Fullilove Talks About Anger Management Classes

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(Memphis) Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove is talking for the first time about anger management classes she is taking to get domestic assault charges against her dropped.

Fullilove says she is doing everything she can to get the case dismissed and her husband back home.

Fullilove and her husband, Vernon Chalmers, were both arrested back in August after they got into a physical fight inside their house.

Since then, they have been ordered to stay away from each other.

The husband and wife were back in court Monday, but their cases were reset again.

Fullilove’s attorney said prosecutors are waiting for both of them to finish anger management classes and individual counseling sessions.

Fullilove said she’s ready to put this behind her, and has learned her lesson, “I’m doing everything they tell me to do, from counseling sessions to anger management to working with domestic violence victims, and working with children who have been sexually abused.”

Fullilove said her legal troubles are in no way a reflection of the work she is doing on city council, “In fact, this has catapulted me to work even harder because I know there are those naysayers out there, and all couples have problems. Every couple has a problem, and it’s just working your way through those problems without throwing plates down on the kitchen floor.”

She said that’s something she won’t do again.

The couple will back in court next month.

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