Toddler and Grandmother Hit By Truck

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(Memphis) A toddler and her grandmother are in the hospital, battling for their lives after being hit by a pickup truck while they were walking home.
Police are investigating what happened, but so far the driver has not been charged.

“She threw herself in front of the car to save the baby,” said Alisha Carter. She and her mother Connie Jackson say they are trying to piece together how 55-year-old Relve Jean Saulsberry and her 2-year-old grand-daughter, Sylvia, were hit near Third and Mitchell early Saturday morning.

Relve Jean has been unconscious since she was rushed to the Med.

“They said she said, ‘I saved my baby and she blacked out after that,” said Carter.

Doctors so far have operated on Relve Jean three times. Her family says she is unrecognizable by the trauma of the crash.

“She has spinal fractures, she has a broken neck, her spleen is outside of her body,” said Jackson.

The family was also told to prepare themselves. Doctors aren’t sure if the grandmother will survive after she threw herself in front of the truck to save her young grandchild.

“It’s hard, because she is my oldest sister I looked up to her, my mom died,” expressed Jackson.

Little Sylvia is expected to be ok. She has cuts on her face and had to have surgery on a leg that’s now broken.

“She’s probably going to need therapy for her leg, so she can walk again,” said Jackson.

But Sylvia’s family fears how the toddler will understand the traumatic crash.

“I’m hoping and praying that my sister makes it through this,” said Jackson.