D.A. Will Not Prosecute Off-Duty Officer For Shooting Of Teen

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(Memphis) The Memphis police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old will not face criminal charges.

District Attorney Amy Weirich issued a statement Friday, “There is insufficient evidence to create a reasonable chance for a conviction against Mr. Shaw, particularly when considered with the foreseeable defense that could be raised under the evidence.”

Officer Terrance Shaw allegedly shot and killed 15-year-old Justin Thompson in the Parkway Village area in September 2012.

Shaw claimed Thompson was involved in an attempted robbery.

The district attorney’s decision did not go over well with Shirley Thompson, the mother of Justin Thompson.

Shaw is still not back to work, but after an administrative hearing with his bosses, he may very well be patrolling the streets soon.

Thompson’s mother says he is getting away with murder, “I don’t think that they really just looked into my son’s case because they really think he just robbed this man but Justin is not here to make his statement.

Thompson is the second person Shaw has shot and killed.

The first was in 2009 after making a traffic stop.

Both are now considered justifiable shootings.  

“I mean who is he going to kill next? Who’s going to be next,” questioned Thompson.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation conducted the investigation at the request of District Attorney Amy Weirich.

The agency handed over its findings of all the interviews and witnesses last week.

“They haven’t told me how did it occur, how did it happen,” said Thompson.

The On Your Side Investigators are also trying to get answers.

We sent requests to view the files of the TBI investigation to the TBI and Shelby County District Attorney.

Both denied our request saying they are not public records.

“Justice is not done. Justice is going to be done when they put this man away. He needs to be off the streets. He’s a murderer,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s mother had a meeting with Weirich this afternoon.

She didn’t find out any information about what led to the shooting, but she was told by the district attorney Shaw knew Justin and there were phone calls between the two prior to the shooting.

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