Mother Launches Own Investigation In Son’s Death

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(Memphis) A mother desperate to find answers about her son's death by an off duty Memphis police officer is launching her own investigation to find out what happened to her 15-year-old son, Justin Thompson.

Shirley Thompson has a lot on her plate. She is a cancer patient making trips twice a eeek for treatments, raising 5 other children while trying to find answers in her son's death.

"I wanted to know how my son got killed and I wanted to know how many times did he get shot," said Thompson.

That's why she got an attorney to get the autopsy report from medical examiner's office. In black and white it shows how her son, Justin was shot in the chest. The bullet traveled down to his lungs and into his stomach.

The autopsy tells how Justin died but it doesn't tell why. Justin was killed more than 4 months ago by Memphis police officer Terrance Shaw.

"I got an attorney so I can get the paperwork on it," said Shaw.
 The TBI announced last week it's independent investigation was finished and it turned over the report to the Shelby County District Attorney.

"What we are doing is looking through the investigation to see what to do next. Is there enough here for us to request an indictment, proceed with an indictment," explained Amy Weirich, D.A.

Weirich won't say if the TBI recommends charges.

"We know the public wants us to move swiftly. We are mindful of that but we are much more mindful of our responsibility to make sure we get it right," said Weirich.

"They didn't tell me. I heard about it when you told me about it," said Thompson.
 Thompson didn't even know the TBI finished its investigation until we told her. She's convinced officer Shaw is getting special treatment.

"He's a murderer and he murdered my son and so I don't know why they're treating him different from any other person," said Thompson.,