Police Say Meth Lab Under Toddler’s Bed

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(Memphis) Memphis police found a working meth lab hidden under a bed where a little girl was sleeping.

Police tell us a mother and father turned their home into a meth lab and the meth was being made a little girl's bedroom.

Police say when investigators approached the house, they could smell a strong odor of chemicals, consistent with methamphetamine coming from an open window in front of the house.

The window belonged to a room where the two-year-old girl was sleeping and right under her bed was a shake and bake meth lab.

It's a dangerous method of cooking the already toxic drug.

“What if the house blew-up and there were kids out there playing?” asked Neighbor Tonya Morton. “It could have killed a lot of people.”

“Totally insane,” said Norman Hill.

“How can you do that to a child and expose them to all of that?” said his wife, Virginia Hill.

Virginia Hill who lives in the Lake Meir neighborhood says she had a feeling something wasn't right, “Because the house was dead-quiet during the day but the lights were on all night."

Police say, in face, somebody tipped them off that Amanda Elrod was making meth in the home.

When authorities got there, Matthew Richardson answered the door.

Investigators say he admitted to supplying Elrod with the pseudoephedrine to make the meth.

Before police arrested him, they let Richardson walk his little girl outside where fire crews decontaminated her.

“And about that time, here comes an ambulance with no sirens on,” said Morton. “It pulled over and put the girl in the back of the ambulance.”

Virginia says she lost her 3-and-a-half-year-old grand-daughter this year, so for her, this story is difficult to stomach, “What I wouldn`t give to have that child back in my arms and they have a perfectly healthy child and they do that to them? No!”

Police have charged both mother and father with manufacturing meth but so far, just the father with aggravated child abuse.

They say the mother wasn't home at the time when they found the meth cooking under the child's bed.

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