Mid-South Families Displaced After Storm

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(Memphis) The Mid-South chapter of the American Red Cross has helped five families find shelter so far, after Tuesday night's storms swept through the area.

Dalal Abughanem, her husband and four children almost had nowhere to stay Wednesday, until News Channel 3 helped them contact the Red Cross.

Abughanem said that Tuesday night, the storm didn't seem too bad when the family went to sleep.

Then, all of a sudden, "We heard a big noise. And there were four trees, so it was one after another. And we had glass splattered everywhere. Wood chips, everything. All on top of our bed."

She and her husband quickly grabbed their four children, all under age 6, to hide in their bathroom. It was difficult to process, let alone explain to their kids.

"One was hiding behind the door, the little one was sleeping. Just one everywhere. We were just grabbing them," she said. "First, you could feel like it was shaking, then you think somebody is pushing something to get in your house. Three or four mixed emotions at one time. You don’t know what it is."

One tree broke their master bedroom window. Another crashed into her husband's truck. The damage ended up creating leaks in their roof. A damaged mastpole, which connects the weatherhead to the meter, caused the power to be cut off.

"It was how it is in movies. When you have a big scare, and they jump. That’s how it was here."

She contacted her landlord's insurance company. She was told the agents were busy in the Memphis area and may not be able to make it until Thursday morning.

But with the help of the Red Cross, her family was able to get temporary help.

As for the electricity, they will have to hire an electrician to fix the mastpole and have Code Enforcement inspect it before MLGW can turn the power back on.

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