Man Helps Fellow Musician Who Lost Everything In Fire

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(Memphis)  It’s an act of generosity for a man who lost everything in a fire.  

The fire not only burned down the rooming house that Nate Whitlock lived in on Broad Avenue but it also cost him his guitars.

The story touched many, especially a man who's also a musician in Mississippi.

Just as a song has its high notes and low notes, so does life.

“I lost everything I ever worked for,” cried Nate Whitlock.

For song writer and guitar player Nate Whitlock, a fire almost stole his music, “Yeah.  I lost everything. My stage clothes, my guitars, my amplifiers.”

A fire turned his room at this Broad Avenue boarding house into an inferno, “It’s surreal. It’s hard to grab that you know.”

But across state lines in Mississippi, someone heard Nate's story, “I carry this one with me. Every musician has a guitar nearby”.

“The guy lost his guitar. It’s like losing the love of your life, if you are a musician," said Mark Daniels.

The musician says he's also starting over at age 55, going back to college, majoring in music.

“Not everyone gets a candy apple opportunity or a candy apple life,” said Daniels. “This guy has had a hard time. A little help can go a long way.”

“So, he wanted to give you this,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall, opening the door to the news car showing Nate the guitar.

“Oh my God!  He wanted to give me this? Wow,” said Nate.

It's a six-string Gibson electric guitar.

“This is as good as it gets. It’s like Chuck Berry`s guitar. I cannot believe this,” said Nate, wiping tears.  “Amazing.  Thanks Mark.”

It’s a gift from one musician, starting-over, to another.

“I am putting myself through school and got a scholarship at Delta State,” said Daniels.

“This is going to get me back on the road again,” said Nate about the guitar.

He’ll be onto a new life and a new song.

“Maybe he can write a really great song and maybe somebody here in Memphis will listen,” said Daniels.

News Channel 3 looked-up the price of the guitar online and they sell anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000.

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