Morgan Cox Mania Sweeping Collierville for Super Bowl

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(Collierville, TN) Morgan Cox mania is taking over Collierville where the Baltimore Raven is just days away from playing in the Super Bowl.

A store on the town's square called Dixie Pickers is specially ordering Cox jerseys and can`t keep them on the shelves.

The store is waiting on its third shipment of Cox jerseys.

The store has already sold over fifty and has a waiting list for the new that will come in at the end of the week

“I think they`re going because it`s a community that`s all pulled together right now in supporting Morgan and I think everyone is enjoying his success right now and celebrating it with him,” said Dixie Pickers Owner Damon Waxler.

Waxler says people love celebrating the success story of the Evangelical Christian School graduate who walked on at the University of Tennessee before joining the Ravens in 2010 as the teams long snapper.

Other hometown heroes Patrick Willis and Michael Oher`s jerseys are stock and that means they are automatically put out by Nike, but when it comes to Cox Dixie Pickers had to specially order his jersey because it`s not one people typically buy.

Since it's a specialty order Dixie Pickers isn`t making much off the $75 sale, but say it`s worth it. 

“Where I`m profiting from it is I love seeing everybody so happy about it, and the excitement and it makes me excited and in some degree I feel like I have a little stake in the game now,” said Waxler.

At Dixie Pickers Cox jerseys are selling more than double Willis and Oher combined.

Cox`s parents are thrilled the community is coming together behind their son who won Ed Block Courage Award after playing an entire game with a torn ACL. Teammates say that inspired all of them. 

“He does the right thing.  His team needed him and there was not an option for him. You just have to know him.  He`s that kind of child,” said Cox’s mother Cindy.

Dixie Pickers is expecting thirty-five more Cox jerseys Friday or Saturday.

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