Alderman Suggested Greg Davis Use Gift Card Deal

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(SOUTHAVEN, MS)    The Mesquite Chop House, it's one of the places Mayor Greg Davis has spent thousands of city dollars.  We showed you the receipts, huge bar bills, excessive tips, and almost nightly meals. Now in court we learn they never fully stopped.

Alderman-at-large Greg Guy admitted on the stand he saw a sale at the Chop House for “buy one, get one free” gift cards. He jokingly told the mayor he should buy some, Davis did.  The mayor spent $4,000 of city money on $8,000 worth of gift cards.

It’s all while the aldermen kept swearing things had changed.

“With all the things going on, I don't think I would have said that”, said Steve Dodd.

Dodd is running for Guy's seat. He says if it was a joke, it was a good one, but he can't believe the entire board paid the bill and let happen... all while the city was under so much scrutiny.

“That's a great discount, I wish I bought one, but it goes back to the integrity thing”, said Dodd.

Guy told us, "If he (Davis) was taking people to the Chop House for valid business development then it was half price and a better deal for the city".

Commentator Otis Sanford said it just wasn’t a smart decision.

“When it comes to cleaning house in Southaven, it doesn't need to stop with Greg Davis needs to go a lot farther”, added Sanford.

Guy is not seeking re-election.

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