Stay Connected During Storms With Our New Apps

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(Memphis) Electronic gadgets make our lives easier, and during severe weather can also save lives.

News Channel 3 has several weather apps that allow you to find out what’s happening with the weather even when your power goes out.

The latest WREG App lets you look at the forecast, check the radar, and watch weather broadcasts through a live stream.

The technology became even more critical Tuesday when the National Weather Service’s Radio Broadcast System temporarily went down.

“Being able to access the information by watching it on TV or a smartphone is going to be very important,” said News Channel 3’s Todd Demers.

If you lose power and find yourself with a cell phone or tablet with a low battery the devices won’t do you much good for very long.

Just like you plan ahead where to go in your house during a storm, you need to plan ahead to charge you cell phone and tablets so you can stay connected.

It’s also a good idea to charge your laptop.

If you lose power you can plug your phone or iPad into your computer via a USB port to get more juice.

And if you don’t have a car charger get one.You can also charge your smartphones and tablets in your vehicle.

The National Weather Service says a significant hardware failure caused the radio broadcast off the air for the entire region.The problem was temporarily fixed by mid morning. 

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