Shot Fired During Garbage Strike

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(Millington, TN) Republic Sanitation workers that are striking in front of the North Shelby Landfill reported a co-worker fired a gun to threaten them Tuesday morning.

Millington Police were called to 7111 Old Millington Road after 6 Tuesday when a dozen or so striking workers reported hearing a gun shot.

“He pulled up amongst the group of guys and stopped, looked at everybody and fish tailing around the corner to park.  That’s when he got out of his vehicle and fired the shot in the air,” said Kevin Clark.

Millington PD said the worker who fired the gunshot was Gellard Williams.

Williams told MPD that he fired the gun, “to scare employees striking” because he said he was threatened earlier as he arrived to work.

Williams told police, once he heard they were called he hid the gun behind a vehicle maintenance shed, however MPD couldn’t find the weapon. No one was injured.

“We have been peaceful only with words. Nobody is throwing up any signs, nobody is throwing anything and we are just using words. We don’t cross the line, we haven’t been in the building,” said Clark.

At this point Millington Police have not filed any charges against Williams.

Republic says he he has been suspended for bringing the weapon and firing it on company property.

The strike continues leaving nearly 200,000 customers without trash pick-up.

Republic released a statement Tuesday morning, saying, “We have crews making pickups today and are working diligently to serve all of our customers as soon as we can. This morning, our first priority is to handle critical customers like hospitals and schools.

We are also mailing safety bonuses to all employees. These checks have been available for pick-up in our office since yesterday had our employees come to work.

Finally, we appreciate your patience with the delays as we expect to resume our full service schedule in the near future.”

The workers striking outside of the North Shelby Landfill said they are picketing for better wages and work conditions. They said they will not be intimidated by gun fire or trash pile ups.

“None of us have weapons, we don’t have any guns,” said Gene Landeros.

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