Police Chief Claims Agencies Are Operating Under Corruption

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(Grand Junction, TN) A Mid-South Police Chief wants the FBI to investigate law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office in Hardeman County for corruption.

The request stems from an affidavit accusing former Grand Junction police chief, Pat Ryan, of stealing hundreds of dollars from the police department.

Ryan is not accused of stealing cash, but things like, a bullet proof vest, a dog kennel and uniforms.

Acting Grand Junction Police Chief Lt. Justin Powers says the affidavit isn't true, “This is injustice, this is corruption."

Powers says he was asked to ID those same items as stolen from the department last year, but he couldn't because he wasn’t sure.

“I said ‘Billy, I’m not going to lie. I'm not going to perjure myself,” said Powers.

But later, Powers discovered the affidavit listed him as a witness.

The acting police chief says he can’t do his job because he spoke up about the court records.

He says he is being forced out by the District Attorney, Sheriff's Department and the Mayor, “All my warrants are being pulled, all my warrants are being revoked. If I arrest somebody they'll be released on their own recognizance. The only thing I can do is write a speeding citation."

Powers says folks he arrested for forgery and assault could be out on the streets.

News Channel 3 spoke with District Attorney Mike Dunavant who said he has no knowledge of any of this, he later said he couldn't comment.

The Sheriff's Department and the Mayor did not have a comment either.

Powers says he's asked the FBI, ACLU, even President Barack Obama for help, “They are violating not only my rights, but the rights of the victims which I'm trying to serve."

Former Grand Junction Police Chief, Pat Ryan, was fired last year after he was arrested for driving drunk in a police car.

The charges were dismissed, but if convicted of theft, it’s a violation of his parole.