Post Office Moves to Affect North Mississippi

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(Tupelo, MS) Most of the talk at Evans’ Café Monday was about how it costs a little more to send a letter.

Stamps went up a penny on Sunday, but the biggest change North Mississippians will see involves where that stamped letter is going.

The Postal service has basically shut down its Tupelo processing center and is now sending all that mail to Memphis.

”Seems kinda strange to have to go up and come right back because when we send a letter and it takes an extra two or three days to go to Memphis when we went it to go to our neighbor, that’s a little odd” said Gary Webb of Olive Branch.

It’s not a huge deal to communities close to Memphis, but for those farther out, in Alcorn, Tippah, and even Lafayette and Pontotoc Counties, it seems like a long trip.

Postal Service spokesperson Enola Rice says, “Local mail delivery will not be affected by this move. Letters mailed to local addresses will be delivered the next day, the same as before.”

News Channel 3 found recent pictures of the Tupelo mail center that show a near deserted building with the sorting machines and employees missing from what used to be a crowded and busy room.

Still the post office insists, “All impacted employees will be offered other positions within the Postal Service”.

For some, that could mean as much as a two hour commute back and forth to Memphis.

Experts insist it will save money, but most people don’t see how.

”I would say they’re probably gonna spend more money taking care of this” said Webb.

He’s afraid it will mean a little more green to mail those letters in the future.