Man Accused of Using Smartphone App to become Phony Cop

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(Memphis) Memphis Police say Friday night Tony Newsom was cruising down Elvis Presley Boulevard in a black SUV with Shelby County officer stickers on the front and back of his car. 

According to the police report Newsom downloaded an app on his cell phone that makes a flashing police light. 

They say he put it up in his windshield an attempted to pull people over, but unfortunately for him the person he pulled over has the real thing and gave him a surprise he wasn’t expecting.

Newsom pulled over a Memphis police officer who immediately arrested him. 

It happened in front of the Wal-Mart in Whitehaven, but what’s most shocking is what was found inside the car. 

Real officers found a gun, a pair of handcuffs, a Memphis Police patch, and a sex toy.

Wendy Davis says that concerns her as a woman who drives alone, and she thinks the police light app could help criminals commit those kinds of crimes.

“They just need to take it off if it’s going to put people’s life in danger,” said Davis.

Davis says if she were to get pulled over by any people officer she would drive to a well-lit area before stopping.

“It doesn’t look real! Not to me,” said Andrea Cathey.

Cathey says she wouldn’t have stopped at all.

“You can kind of distinguish the difference between those lights and the police lights. To me I can. I wouldn’t have stopped for that!” said Cathey.

Other women we talked to say at night that app could look real, and just warn other female drivers or anyone who feels uncomfortable to turn on you your hazard lights and drive to a well-lit area with people around.