Mayor Tackles Gun Violence With Youth

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(MEMPHIS) Mayor A C Wharton blamed the recent local incidents with guns for this new program which is far-reaching and he hopes effective.

“We gotta start somewhere”, said Enrique Mc Kinney.  He’s part of the mayor's new army against gun violence in Memphis.

“I have friends in gangs, it's just like the communication we have, the bond we have” he said. “We gotta reach them.”

  The mayor surrounded himself with teens at city hall as he announced a broad and sweeping plan to get guns from young black males using their peers

“They know what young people want and need they know their fears they know their anger” said Wharton.

       It goes further, putting people in the Emergency Room to talk gang members out of pay back when one of their own is shot. 

      Police Director Toney Armstrong welcomes the plan and says he's adding community policing to make sure everyone has better, stronger relationships with officers and doesn't view them negatively.