Man Passes Out Huffing Computer Cleaner

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(Memphis) Police say a man passed out on Yates Road huffing computer cleaner.

It sounds crazy, but drug experts say it happens more than you might think.

In-fact, it was featured on the TV show 'Intervention.'

“I feel like I could conquer the world,” said Allison, a teenager addicted to computer cleaner.  “I need more aerosol cans.”

Apparently, this kind of stuff doesn't just happen on TV but on the streets of Memphis.

Wednesday, police say Seth Pepper of Cordova was using this drug out in public.

Police say Pepper had been picked-up for inhalants before but this time he passed-out right on Yates Road after inhaling from a can of Endust.

“Are you surprised this guy passed out?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Not at all. Not at all,” said Water Williams, the director of the Memphis Area Prevention Coalition that educates people about drug abuse.

Williams says passing out is a common occurrence with inhalant addicts.

What's not so common is Pepper is 26-years-old.

Williams says most users are experimental teenagers, something parents should know.

“All of a sudden your child has an interest in buying a lot of air-duster for the computer keyboard,” said Williams. “To see empty ones lying around.”

Nowadays, makers have started adding a bitter taste to the product to try and prevent people from inhaling it. That's because doing it even one time can be deadly.

“Sudden sniffing death syndrome,” said Williams.  “It can occur the first time somebody inhales something or time 106. It doesn`t matter.”

It makes Pepper and Allison lucky to be alive, even though battling an unusual and unsettling addition.