Super Bowl Win Could Be In Collierville Native’s Hands

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(Collierville)  The excitement is building for Super Bowl XLVII in the Mid-South. 

When the Baltimore Ravens make those long snaps, the fate of the game could be in the hands of a Collierville native.  

Morgan Cox is the long snapper for the team.  

News Channel 3 talked to two of his biggest cheerleaders today.

“This is from the Thanksgiving game last year,” said Wright Cox, as he showed off a game ball his son gave him.

You’d have to look hard to find bigger Baltimore Raven fans in Collierville than Wright and Cindy Cox.

Their oldest son, Morgan is #46.

He’ll be playing in the Super Bowl and they will be there to watch.

“It's been such a surreal experience for us. We get there on the field and we look at each other and were like that's our son doing this,” said Cox’s father.

Wright Cox’s office at Bank Tennessee in Collierville is filled with all of Morgan’s accolades along the way.

He played high school football at Evangelical Christian School.

He walked on to the Tennessee Vols and eventually earned a scholarship.

Then, he followed his dream of playing in the pros, snapping the ball during punts and field goals.

“He's very low-key, very even-keeled so when you're out there holding the ball, it could be snapped to win the game or win hopefully the Super Bowl,” said Cindy Cox, mother.

Right now, the Cox’s get to keep most of Morgan’s jerseys and memorabilia but the 26-year-old and his wife, Lauren, built a home and will likely take most of it with them.

Lucky for Mom and Dad they won’t have to go far to see it.

“They will be making a home in Collierville, so of course that thrills us, “said his mother.

Friday Bank Tennessee plans “purple day” in honor of Morgan and the Ravens.