Thousands Gather At National Civil Rights Museum For Inauguration

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(Memphis) Some chose to watch the President's second Inauguration in a historic place.

They gathered at the National Civil rights Museum where a celebration was underway for Dr. Martin Luther King's 84th birthday.

“What kind of guy was he?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“A good guy who fought for his rights,” said 10-Year-Old Jasmine Gillium of Bartlett.

“Just to be out here and find out about history, it feels really good,” said Miracle Phillips, a 14-year-old with Victory Temple Missionary Baptist Church.

Phillips is part of a youth group with her church.

None of the kids in the group had ever visited the museum before, even though they were born and raised in Memphis.

“They have learned what their ancestors did to fight for them to actually be here,” said Youth Minister Corea Yates.

They had the chance to see an exhibit unveiled Monday for the first time called "Freedom Sisters." 

It features 20 African-American women who changed our world for the better.

Behind the display, some took a seat to hear President Barack Obama's inauguration speech.

“It’s definitely history to be able to see the inauguration right here at the Civil Rights Museum,” said Ray Chellet Williamson.

“You couldn't have had two better things come together on the same day,” said Barbara Andrews, the director of education for the National Civil Rights Museum.

And people lined-up to be a part of it.

Even though the museum itself is closed for renovations, many showed their respect and admiration for Dr. King outside, for all to see.

“Oh, it’ electric,” said Andrews. “It`s cold outside but the energy is hot out here. People are really excited to be here and we are really excite to see them.”

The event wrapped-up at 6 p.m. but if you would like to visit the Freedom Sister's exhibit, that's going to be on display for the rest of year.

It's in the building across from the Lorraine Motel.