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Rash of Car Break-Ins at Shelby Farms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department is reporting a recent rash of car break-ins at the Lucius Burch Park at Shelby Farms. 

Three piles of glass are the remaining evidence of three other car break-ins in the last two days.

 “Honestly I don't feel safe. I mean if I'm worried about having to leave my car out in the open because someone may come and break in or whatever. I don't know what to expect now,” said Daniel Tutera.

Cheryl Coletta hikes at the park just about every day and talked to one of the victims from the weekend.

She says they were from out-of-town and just came to enjoy the park.

“They don't want to come back here. You know crime is prevalent around this area,” said Coletta.

Coletta's car has also been broken into.

She says this is an ongoing problem and the Shelby Farms Conservancy is not acting quickly enough, “We need a camera. It's secluded back here. We're just sitting ducks for a break in."

News channel 3 left a message with Shelby Farms but no one got back with us.

The Sheriff's Department says there have been a few incidents lately, but it's not a widespread problem at the park.

They want to remind park goes it only takes a few seconds to break into a car so be sure to hide any valuable items or remove them from your car all together.

When you hide the items, it's best to do so before you arrive at your destination.