Group Has A Message For Criminals

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(Memphis) One group in Memphis is trying to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Jr. by making a positive change in their community.

'Lifeline to Success' wants to rid the city of crime by getting more people involved in what is going on around them.

Today, the group's 'Blight Patrol' went door to in the Pershing Park and Corning Village Apartments to get as many people as possible to sign up for a Neighborhood Alliance Meeting.

They are hoping they will want to join the neighborhood watch group.

The idea is to get more people to work with police and report crimes to make their neighborhood a safer place to live.

"It will make a dramatic difference because criminals don't like witnesses. If our citizens understand retaliation rarely happens we will be okay," said Pastor DeAndre Brown, Executive Director of 'LifeLine to Success.'

'LifeLine To Success' is made up of ex-convicts.

They are hoping to canvass other crime-ridden areas of Frayser.

They also plan to set up a safe zones for Frayser students who have to walk to school.

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