Desoto County Constable Rewards Good Drivers

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(Olive Branch, MS) The four-way-stop on Craft Road in Olive Branch may be easy for some to miss, since so  many drivers just zoom right through it.

So, what one officer saw there Friday made him take notice.

"It's a new intersection, so I think a lot of people don't realize it's a stop sign there," says Desoto County Constable Chris Plumlee.

He is talking about the intersection at Craft and Dianna Rd.
"You know what a  rolling stop is obviously. There is a lot of that," says Plumlee.

Friday, he spotted a car with a woman and kids inside.

"I saw the lady and her children all strapped in and buckled and she came to a complete stop," he says.

 Plumlee pulled the woman over,  
"I asked her how many people were in her family so I could count the number of free movie passes to give her for being buckled in."

 He gave the mom, who had her kids buckled in, four movie tickets.

The woman's husband went on Facebook saying 'awesome job....thanks so much for watching and patrolling our neighborhoods to keep us safe.'

The post went viral, with 500 likes and tons of comments.

Constable Plumlee, who serves warrants and subpoenas, says a lot businesses are donating coupons for him to give to citizens as he works, "If we can do something nice to offset the not so nice things we have to do sometimes, I think it's good.  I want people to appreciate the kind acts I try to give. Pay it forward."