Boil-Water Alert in Horn Lake

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(Horn Lake, MS) Horn Lake resident Linda Westbrook said her daily morning cup of coffee from her coffee maker took more effort this weekend.

“I went and bought a new coffee maker. I didn’t want to use something that’s been used with the other water,” said Westbrook.

She didn’t want to take any chances after the city of Horn Lake was given a boil-water alert after a water sample showed traces of E.Coli bacteria.

“I got bottled water, some of the gallons of water to kind of wash dishes with and taking a bath, I don’t know what we need to do about that.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health issued the alert that they said affects nearly 12,313 customers. According to the Horn Lake police Facebook page the boil water alert is for homes south of City Hall off of Goodman Road and north of City Hall off of Goodman Road.

Officials recommend boiling water for at least one minute before consuming it and don’t use water that has not been boiled to make drinks or ice.

They do report it is okay to bathe and wash your hands as usual as long as the water isn’t consumed.

At the Cut and Shine Hair and Car Salon on Goodman Road, business had to go on Saturday.

“The water isn’t really being consumed, so it’s really not damaging their hair,” said hairstylist Synterika Welch.

“We have a water fountain here but we didn’t want anybody to drink from it so we put a sign up to alert our clients. So we’ve been giving out free water,” said Welch.

The boil-water alert will last at least two days but could last as long as 5.

For more information on how to protect your family, go to,13359,148.html .