Southaven Mayor Greg Davis Won’t Run For Mayor Again

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(Southaven, MS) "It was just time. It's time for me to not be Mayor Davis and just be Greg Davis again," said Southaven Mayor Greg Davis to us today.

After 16 years leading Southaven, Davis is stepping aside.
"It's time for someone new to come in. One of the main reasons is to give some sort of normalcy to my daughters. Everytime I turn around, there is a news camera around. I don't think that is very good for them," says Davis.

Mayor Davis is  in the middle of a contentious divorce battle with his ex-wife, who says Greg Davis' male lover destroyed their marriage. 

Davis is also facing a state indictment over his spending of tax payers dollars.

News Channel 3 first revealed the expensive trips, hotel stays and lavish dining..

Davis says he is focusing on how he's  helped  Southaven, cutting taxes and maintaining low crime.

"When all is said and  done hopefully our list of accomplishments will outweigh any accusations that will be out there," says Davis.

Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale says the work will go on at city hall.
"I think the turmoil in the city may start to calm down now.  People have been questioning what was gonna happen, what he was gonna do," says Hale.

Some who live in Southaven say it's for the best.

"With all the controversy now, I think that would be in his best interest. It may be in the best interest of Southaven that we get someone new in that position," says James Ming of Southaven.

And for the citizens of Southaven, Davis has this,  "I want to thank them for the opportunity to be able to serve them. Hopefully when they look at the whole picture they will say job well done," says Davis.

Greg Davis recently became eligible for his pension.

He will start earning  50-percent of his salary when he leaves office which will be about $74,000 a year.

The federal and state investigation into his spending continues.