Officer Lang Divorce Case Dismissed

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(Memphis) Circuit Court Judge Donna Fields dismissed the divorce case filed by fallen Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang before she died.

Lang was killed while serving a drug warrant in December 2012.

“The law is very clear that when a party dies while the action for divorce is pending the action is abated,” explained Lang’s Attorney Felicia Corbin-Johnson.

Judge Fields said it will now be up to a probate court judge to address custody and financial issues.

Officer Lang’s estranged husband Darius Lang was not in court today.

Judge Fields did express concerns about Darius Lang not paying child support and reports of him not spending time with his children in the past.

 “There was an order that we got in September of 2011 assessing support against Mr. Lang. So of course he would also be responsible for paying child support for the date of separation which was in 2007,” added Corbin-Johnson.

The probate court judge is expected to address the custody issue next month. Officer Lang’s mother has asked for custody of the couple’s three daughters. Officer Lang also has a fourth child by another man.

The court is also expected to decide who will handle money that was raised in fundraisers and death benefits.

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