MS Gov. Vows To Block Obama Orders on Guns

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(Senatobia, MS) - Mississippi is making national headlines after the Governor announced he would fight any limitations the President would put on the Second Amendment.

Local state representatives say they are standing behind their governor who made his feelings clear at a news conference Wednesday.

"'It is our right to send a clear message to Washington D. C. and say that we will resist," Governor Phil Bryant said.

The governor said he would block any federal measures limiting the right to bear arms. More than two dozens Republicans and a few Democrats stood behind him pledging to protect the Second Amendment.

Sentatobia State Representative Trey Lamar was one of them.

"We felt like we had a duty to make a stand on that issue," he said. "We have constituents who watched the national media jump on gun control and they get concerned so you have to look out for their interests."

To protect those interests, Lamar also signed on to a newly drafted piece of legislation that would make firearms manufactured in Mississippi not subject to federal law.

"If guns are made manufactured here in Mississippi sold to Mississippians then Mississippi can regulate those guns. Obviously they are not part of interstate commerce," he said.

Most Mississippians we spoke with said they support the governor's efforts.

"I'm absolutely in support of him protecting the Second Amendment," Wesley Edwards said." I want to protect the Second Amendment."

Others say the governor's statement was premature.

"We should have the right to hear what the President has to say and then make a decision based upon what he has said instead of automatically coming out and blocking everything," Marqui Fifer said.

But Rep. Lamar said they're just trying to stay at the forefront of the issue.

"Obviously it's a little early at this point in time. We don't know what's coming out of Washington, but as I said gun rights are something that are very important so we are going to have to watch it very carefully," Lamar said.