Dog Found Frozen To The Ground

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(Memphis) Police are investigating a horrible case of animal abuse in Memphis.

A man is facing animal cruelty charges after his dog was found in the backyard of an Orange Mound home starved to death and frozen to the ground.

Police say it appears the pit bull hadn't been fed in a while and was left tied up to a basketball goal with just a frozen bowl of water.

Neighbors we talked to don't remember ever seeing the blue pit bull and were shocked to learn it had been neglected and forgotten.

"That's sad, that's really sad. Like I wouldn't do that. They should go to jail," said the neighbor.

Zangerio Dogan, who was keeping the dog at his sister's house on Smith Haven, isĀ  locked up on $1,500 bond.

Dogan told police he thought his sister was taking care of the dog.

His sister told police she thought her brother picked up the dog two weeks ago.

The Humane Society says dogs that spend a lot time outside during the winter months need to have access to a dry, draft-proof shelter.

They also need extra food and water because they use up more energy keeping warm.

Dog lovers say better yet bring them inside.

They say no animal deserves to be treated like that dog. For more news updates from the field follow me on twitter.