Outride Workers At Risk in Freezing Weather

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(Memphis) Many people don't have a choice.

They have to be out in this freezing weather for work or other reasons.

With icicles forming on the front of his golf cart security guard James Brown must brave the cold weather to patrol his parking lot.

Brown uses a plastic tent to capture his body heat and stay as warm as possible, “I feel a little bit of it. I do. But if I get cold I go inside, I warm-up then I come back out."

Brown says it's best if people forced to be outside head inside for short breaks to make sure they stay warm.

Dr. Susan Besser says workers could be in danger of frost bite or hypothermia if they aren't dressed warm enough, “At first you'll know it because you start having shivers and chills and you'll know you're getting cold but if you get cold enough you will stop shivering and you may not notice you’re getting cold.  You may get a little confused and your mental status may be altered."

Dr. Besser says if you are becoming hypothermic, the best thing to do is wrap up and go inside.

You should also drink hot liquids to warm your body from the inside out. 

The best way to dress for the cold weather is in layers.

Dr. Besser says air will be trapped in between each layer serving as an insulator, and you should never forget your gloves or your hat because most of your body heat escapes from your head.