Mid-South Drivers Battle Against Ice

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(Memphis) Tuesday’s icy weather caused closures across the Mid-South at schools and businesses, while presenting a challenge for anyone using a car.

Many people woke up to find their cars caked over in a thick layer of ice. Some had to deal with de-icing their cars again, when they left work.

Jason Fowler rented a car Tuesday afternoon.

“They cleaned it off at noon, and when we came out to pick it up around 4:30 or 5p.m. that afternoon, it already iced over,” Fowler said.

Even Grizzlies player Marc Gasol posted a photo on Twitter from inside a plane, where Memphis International Airport crews worked to de-ice the wings before take-off.

While road conditions may not have been as bad as they were Monday, Fowler said he’s still seeing a lot of reckless driving.

“Knowing how to drive on the ice. People in this area just don’t know how to drive…when you know you got to stop, slow down way before you get there,” he said.

For some, the ice presented problems at work.

Wade Phillips with Greyhound Construction had to postpone some of the roofing work his crew had to do.

“You can’t really get on the roof. We’re putting metal roofs on, so we only went to the ones that had old shingles. You could walk on the old shingles, but you couldn’t get on the metal roof,” Phillips said.

The hardest part was actually getting to the job site and positioning the ladder safely.

While there might be some concern of ice overnight, most believe conditions will improve by Wednesday.

Fowler said, “I could tell there was a lot more salt on the road. It didn’t look like it was icing up as bad.”