Electorolux Plant Hiring

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(Memphis) It's the largest manufacture of cooking products in the U.S. and it's about to make a huge impact on Memphis.

The Electrolux plant is going to be operational in May and right now it’s hiring lots of Mid-South people.

State and local leaders got a tour of the facility Tuesday for the first time. 

The CEO showed-off high-tech equipment but what stood out most to the mayors of Shelby County and Memphis were the workers in blue shirts.

They represent some of the 90 people Electrolux has already hired to work at its new plant on President's Island and the global giant in kitchen appliances is planning to hire 190 more local folks in the next four months and eve more in the next five years.

“Eventually, there will be over 1,200 jobs here making all of our high-end cooking products,” said Plant Manger George Robbins.

“So, the students you hear saying ‘we’ll, I'm taking these courses but there are no jobs in Memphis.” There are jobs in Memphis that are going to require everything you are getting in science and in technology,” said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton.

And some say the plant will mean a boom in business for small companies in town as well.

“Certainly,” said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell.  “Someone has to maintain the facility.  Someone has to cut the grass.  Someone has to clean the windows.”

Electrolux built the 750,000 square feet plant in Memphis, in part, because the City, County and State offered the company $132 million in incentives.

Mayor Wharton believes it was a good deal, “I think we are showing the world that you can come into this big urban area, get a deal done, get it done on time and everybody walks away winning.”

Electrolux says it is looking for workers of all skill levels. 

If you are looking for entry-level employment, visit www.workforceinvestmentnetwork.com or call 901-636-7955. 

If you have advanced manufacturing work experience, submit your resume at www.electrolux.com.