Reality Star Rich Dollaz Arrested in Memphis

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(Memphis) A reality TV star is arrested in Memphis. You may know his name from the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop”.  Rich Dollaz was arrested for not showing up to a court hearing that would have required him to take a paternity test.  News Channel 3 spoke to the woman who turned him in.

The Hip Hop manager was leaving the Marriott hotel in East Memphis Thursday afternoon when police arrested him. His real name is Richard Trowers and Chaundrea Nicolle says he is the father of her 13-year-old daughter.

“He has been dodging and avoiding me for years,” said Nicolle, a Memphis resident.

Memphis police issued a warrant for Trowers’ arrest because they say he didn't show up to a paternity hearing that might have proved he is the father of Nicolle’s child.

“Bottom line, he just needs to go ahead and do the DNA test and stop running,” said Nicolle.  “He needs to help me with her and he needs to do the right thing.”

Trowers came to Memphis for a local talent showcase but authorities arrested him before he could get even get there. He spent several hours in jail but Nicolle isn’t sure it was much of a punishment.

Rich Dollaz tweeted Thursday night saying “I rep the m.. so yeah i get outta jail n three hours".  "The city is under new management... Knicks game from 201 Poplar".  "I just broke the record...n and out and watched the game at the same time".

Trowers later deleted the tweets but Nicolle had already saved them, “He was talking about how he runs Memphis, disrespecting me, calling me out on my name.”

But Nicolle says what bothers her most is that Trowers won't acknowledge his own daughter.

“Because she is a  beautiful and wonderful young girl,” she said.  “If he doesn`t know that, that is his loss.”

Nicolle says another court date is expected to be set-up again for Trowers.  She is hoping he will show up and do a DNA test.