Gun Show Expected to be Packed This Weekend

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(Memphis) All across the Mid-South, gun sales are so high; it’s hard for those looking to buy a gun, to get a hold of them.  Shelves are either empty or almost empty.

The folks with T and T Sporting goods are setting up what they can for this weekend's show at the Agricenter.

Dozens of gun sellers, like Justin Tull, are expected to pack the show over the next couple of days. With most of the sellers in one place, organizers expect folks trying to buy in the "gun rush" will be able to find them here...

“ I`ve got quite a bit, but nothing like I used to have ,” said Tull.

Tull says he had a pretty large inventory of handguns and assault weapons before Newtown or the nation’s debate on gun control ever happened. But, his suppliers are out of most things.

“I’ve been skipping shows. I usually do a show every week, but I have been skipping shows to try and build up for this one,” said Tull.

It's not the just handguns and assault weapons, ammunition is also harder to get and expected to fly off the tables this weekend.

In the state of Tennessee, every box of ammo has to have a tax stamp on it to be sold. Right now, even tax stamps are hard to get a hold of.

Even though right now, business is good Tull fears in a couple of months, it will be a challenge to make a living.

“ Its going to be short-lived. If we sell out and can’t replace it what are we going to do then?” said Tull.

Last month, the same organizers held a gun show at the Agricenter, it was so packed you could barely walk around. Organizers hope this show to be just as packed.