Hope for Drug Addicted Mothers

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(Memphis) Crime in Memphis landed a mother in jail after giving birth to a baby who tested positive for drugs.   

Police say Mary Tweedlie’s baby tested positive for cocaine and heroin and she admitted to doing drugs the day before she went into labor.

Some are asking you not to judge the mother, who admitted to be addicted to drugs.

“I know that one day, everything is going to be OK,” said Jennifer Jacobs.

It’s not easy to deal with addiction while expecting a baby at the same time.

Jacobs has been there and is now getting help.

She can relate to Tweedlie, who’s been charged with reckless endangerment.

The state has stepped-in for the welfare of her child.

“We get it. We understand,” said Sharon Cash, who runs the Renewal Place Program for the Salvation Army.  “There is a social or stereotypical belief that if a woman gets pregnant, she should stop being an addict.”

Renewal Place, on Jackson Avenue, helps homeless mothers struggling with addiction, like Jacobs, get back on their feet.

“It’s going to be a struggle,” said Jacobs.  “It’s going to be some work.”

“Addiction is an involuntary illness,” said Cash. “That`s the definition of disease.”

Cash says the Department of Human Services may refer Tweedlie to the program, a place where woman can stay for up to two years with three of their children.

In the end, women graduate from the program sober, with job skills, and savings in the bank. Not to mention, hope.

“I have hope,” said Jacobs.  “I have hope for a bright future.”

“I want the mom to know that it`s not over and it may be what saved her life and her child`s life,” said Cash.

If you are pregnant or a homeless mother of young children struggling with addiction and want help, there is an opening right now at Renewal Place.

You can call 901-543-8586.