Schools Warning About Flu Prevention

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(Memphis) Nine year old Alayna Blair is out of class today and at Memphis City School's Northeast  School Clinic being checked out.

Her mom says for the last few days the 9-year-old has been out of it.

"She started complaining of not feeling good, tummy hurting, head hurting, tired, just wanted to go lay down and that's not really her," says Penny Blair, Alayna's mother.

They are symptoms workers at the Wellness Clinic inside East High School are seeing a lot of lately.

The free clinic is open to all school age Memphis school students for all kinds of medical care, but lately it's been for flu-like symptoms

"They are coming in with fever, the diarrhea, the vomiting, the coughing. They are typical flu symptoms. They are not feeling well, they are not eating good. Parents are still taking the kids to school and the school says no you can't be here. So the school sends them back to the clinic," says Nurse Practitioner Latoya Allen.

Turned out Alayna has a sinus infection for which she received a prescription.

Schools are sending out reminders about the best way to prevent getting sick or spreading sickness.

"Washing your hands. We can't say that enough. Yeah, hand sanitizer is good, but you wanna make sure you are washing your hands because it stops the spread of any of those flu viruses that's going around," says Allen.

The  Memphis City School System tracks absenteeism to see if the flu outbreak is having an effect on its students.

So far they say they have not seen an excessive number of students calling in sick.

But schools are sending parents  a flu fact sheet from the health department.

Students can get free flu shots at the four school clinics at East High, Northside, Sheffield and Westwood.

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