Davis Solicits Plea Offer in Criminal Case

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(Hernando, MS) The seven page court filing asks for every piece of evidence in the State of Mississippi’s criminal case against Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

District Attorney John Champion says the papers he received just after new year’s day came as no surprise, ”We’re required by law to provide defense lawyers with everything in our files concerning a particular case."

But also contained in the papers, is a request for a plea offer, saying “I desire to enter into plea negotiations on behalf of my client."

Mayor Davis called the filings “normal business” and referred all questions to attorney Steve Farese who was in trial all day in Brownsville, Tennessee.

Other veteran defense attorneys say there’s nothing surprising here.

”Oh no. I’d be surprised if they hadn’t done that,” said Jim Franks who adds there’s valuable information to be gained in a plea request.

”You always file request for plea offer. It costs you nothing. You get an idea of what the prosecution is thinking, even if you’re not intending to take it."

The timing is noteworthy, as it comes as Davis’ friend, developer Chuck Roberts, has a plea date in a separate real estate case in federal court at the end of the month.

Knowledgeable sources say the two are not connected.

Meantime, the District Attorney hasn’t decided what do to about Davis ”Sometimes we give ‘em one, sometimes we don’t. No, I don’t have any plans at this time."

Champion says he won’t decide what to do with Davis until investigators wrap up their various cases “No, I have no idea at this point in time when that’s going to be."

At this point, there’s no upcoming court date set, nor a judge chosen in Davis’ criminal case.

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