Baby and Family Survive Road Rage Shooting

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(Memphis) A Frayser family feels lucky to be alive after a road rage shooting left bullet holes in their car.

Tevin Suggs was in the back seat of their car with his baby nephew, who is less than a year old. The baby's parents were in front.

Suggs said they were on James Road, when they slowed down for a school bus letting kids off. That's when a white, GMC Jimmy swerved in front of them.

The baby's father, who was driving the car, slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the Jimmy.

"As he slammed on the breaks, he was blowing the horn," Suggs said.

He said they then pulled in front of the Jimmy and drove away. But the Jimmy soon chased after them.

The front passenger in the Jimmy had his window rolled down.

"He said a couple words, and reached for his gun. The second time he reached for it, he just came on out the window and started shooting," Suggs said.

He added, "We drive off and the bullets are hitting the car, I lay over my nephew's car seat so the glass wouldn't shatter on him. My sister's like she got hit, she got hit."

His sister, Jacqueline Suggs, was bruised by a bullet that had come through the back and ripped through her seat.

Another family member, Marcus White, said they hope for justice.

"If somebody would have lost their life, they would have lost their life for nothing," White said.

Police are still looking for the people in the white GMC Jimmy. Jacqueline Suggs was treated for her bruise and released Monday night.