Charges Filed In Whitehaven Murder

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(Memphis) Police have charged 22-year-old  Mykel Nolan with second degree murder in connection with the death of Brian Henderson.

Police discovered Henderson's body in the trunk of a Mazda Wednesday afternoon across from the airport on Goodhaven Drive.

Investigators believe Henderson was murdered five days earlier, a mile away, near Airways and Shelby drive.

“It’s just crazy. These young people are just killing each other,” said Whitehaven Resident Denise Nicholas.

People living near Goodhaven Drive say they drove past the car for days with no clue it was connected to a murder.

“It was kind of strange because police protect this area a lot,” said another resident.

The area is actually the property of the Memphis airport and cars are not allowed to linger there for long.

Neighbors say most abandoned cars are towed away within 24 hours.

But this one sat, hiding an unsettling secret.

“I know I drove past it several times and it’s just upsetting,” said Nicholas.

Especially upsetting for Nicholas to find out that a man who police say was shot and killed then stuffed into a trunk was just 22 years old, “He’s around my son`s age and I am not sure whether or not he`s a friend or if he is one of the kids in the neighborhood that I know.”

Others here say they know one thing for sure, “You got to get rid of evil around here. Evil all around.”

Memphis police believe Henderson was shot and killed December 30, 2012 but they are still calling this the first murder of the year.