Authorities Search for Isaac Porterfield

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(Memphis) The ‘Porterfield Posse’ has hundreds of charges to their family name over the decades.

The Porterfield's are a notorious crime family, and now their back in the news again.

Isaac Porterfield is wanted for fighting with police, then stealing police car on Hubbard, taking the shotgun inside and then burning the car.

Officials say his fifteen year old son was with him that night and is in custody, but dad is on the run.

I talked to Porterfield's wife who says she heard about the search for her husband on the news.

“They're lying. He ain't car jacked nobody, and he's not armed and dangerous either. And I don't have nothing else to say,” said Porterfield.

Crime is a family business for the Porterfield's dating back three generations.

It all starts with the matriarch of the posse Elfriede.

She is a German immigrant who married James Porterfield.

These are Isaac's parents and they have a rap sheet of their own with drug and theft charges.

Another Porterfield, Sidney, is on death row for brutally murdering a man with a crowbar for money. The charges continue for Isaac's brothers, and cousins. 

Isaac Porterfield has previous theft charges.

The feds are investigating the Porterfield posse for a number of carjackings well before this police car incident, and if you can help police with those or know where Isaac Porterfield is call crime stoppers at 528- CASH.